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Charles-Eric Clesse récompensé

Publié le 10 juin 2021 Mis à jour le 10 juin 2021

Charles-Eric Clesse, auditeur du travail du Hainaut et professeur de droit à la Faculté, vient de recevoir le prestigieux Prix Serge Lazareff de l'OTAN, au plus haut rang: Gran Star!

Since 2017 the Allied Command Operation’s (ACO) Office of Legal Affairs has hosted the Serge Lazareff Prize for honouring individuals, both engaged with NATO/ACO and from outside of the organisation, whose work has proved to be outstanding and helpful for supporting and/or developing the knowledge of NATO legal position(s) in accordance with different governing treaties and/or in relation with NATO-led operations and NATO archives as an international organisation.
Not only does the prize honour the individual who contributes to improving the NATO legal framework and service, but also honours the memory of Serge Lazareff, an exceptional scholar, lawyer and legal practitioner, who, among his various and extended merits and achievements, helped and developed the NATO legal status.